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China’s Blockchain Services Network Will Launch in Q2 2020

China’s blockchain venture continue to dominate media headlines. As more information comes to light, it becomes easier to see the bigger picture. 

Many people wonder when China will launch its national blockchain network.

The Chinese Blockchain Network is Nigh

Sources close to the matter indicate that this can happen as soon as April of 2020.

Known as the BSN, this Blockchain Services Network ushers in a new era of technology for China. 

This will serve as the official platform to provide distributed ledger technology to the masses.

It offers many advantages, particularly for those looking to build blockchain applications.

Those users will not have to spin up their own private network or working environment.

Such a domestic blockchain network will give China a very strong position on the market.

Several companies have already expressed an interest in building applications on this platform once it goes live. 

It also appears that the BSN has been in rigorous beta testing for several months.

How this blockchain venture will help transform China, remains to be seen.

It is one of the first nations to openly endorse this technology and give it a proper operational environment.

Depending on the success of this project, other major countries may follow suit very quickly. 

The potential of blockchain technology should never be underestimated. 

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