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What Is DAEX?

There are many different use cases for blockchain technology. Some of these ventures will aid the cryptocurrency industry, whereas others will serve a completely different purpose. DAEX aims to become a decentralized clearing and settlement system which benefits exchanges and traders alike. The DAEX Vision Improving the overall speed of […]

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What Makes Stellar Unique?

Despite the industry’s multi-hundred billion dollar market cap, an astonishingly high percentage of all cryptocurrency projects do very little to differentiate themselves and add little to no value to existing projects. The exceptions, the projects that do bring something new to the table, often receive significant attention and tremendous price […]


Top 4 Blockchain Interoperability Projects

One of the many factors holding global blockchain adoption back is that these chains cannot communicate with one another. Instead, every blockchain is seemingly doing its own thing at any given moment. Thankfully, there are a few projects which try to bridge the gap between the various blockchains. 4. Polkadot Although […]