Crypto Exchange DINNGO Announces Innovative Bluetooth Integration Between Cold Wallets and Mobile Devices

There is a reason why the first advice any cryptocurrency trader gets is to never keep their assets on exchanges. The industry is awash with horror stories about hacks and security breaches that has resulted in the loss of funds. This year alone, hackers have literally walked out the front door of exchanges with cryptocurrencies worth over $700 million.

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In the wake of this, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are on the rise as a highly sought-after alternative to centralized exchanges (CEXs). This is due to the ability DEXs give traders to retain control of their wallets and funds outside of an exchange’s ecosystem. However, while these DEXs offers unparalleled security, they have come at the cost of speed and efficiency that often sends users back to CEXs and all their attendant risks.

Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform DINNGO is eliminating this hassle with the development of the world’s first mobile and cold wallet exchange, keeping users in control of their private keys and funds without any speed or efficiency trade-offs. The Singapore-based exchange is also the first to offer seamless Bluetooth integration that connects offline (cold) wallets to mobile devices, enabling users to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies securely at the click of a button from anywhere.

The DINNGO Solution

Another major drawback of DEXs is their limited offerings due to the inability to trade other blockchains coins and tokens. Ethereum-based DEXs can only trade ERC20 tokens, excluding traders from tapping into the potential of other exciting cryptocurrencies.

DINNGO’s hybrid exchange will integrate the CEXs ability to trade tokens and coins across different protocols and chains on its DEX through its proprietary smart matching engine for a fair, transparent, efficient, secure, and instantaneous exchange of values.

Under the visionary gaze of CEO Hsuan-Ting Chu, a serial entrepreneur with multiple venture capital-funded businesses to his name, and a team of experienced developers, DINNGO is being developed with accessibility and ease-of-use as a core focus of its design.

“We see an obvious gap in the market with what is currently on offer to crypto investors and traders” says Hsuang-Ting Chu. “We want to provide a secure, efficient and reliable exchange that can deliver all the peace of mind that comes with a decentralized exchange and the user experience of a centralized exchange. The way our mobile app integrates with our cold wallet is unique, and we think it can change the way people trade crypto.”

Joining Hsuan-Ting on this groundbreaking development for the industry is COO Blake Ho and Chief Blockchain Officer Ben Huang. Having worked in operations and marketing for Citibank, Ho brings a wealth of experience to the development of the product, while Huang’s previous role as a core developer of Gcoin and DiQi bring hands-on, technical expertise to the table.

DINNGO will be launching its BETA version in Q4 2018 before its main unveiling in early 2019.

DINNGO Private and Public Sale

To further the development of its platform and the effective marketing of the platform, DINNGO has announced a Token Generation Event for its DGO utility token. The token is not only the vehicle for financial exchange and settlement on the platform, but also affords holders a 50% discount on transaction fees, access to premium trading functions on the exchange, and numerous Airdrop campaigns.

DINNGO TGE will be split into two rounds: a private pre-sale that is already 70 percent sold out and a public sales event. The pre-sale has received the backing and support of several industry heavyweights including YK Chu, managing director of WI Harper, a leading venture capital firm with over 350 companies backed in the United States and Asia and 100 successful liquidity events.

DINNGO token sale opens to the public on 16th September 2018, while its whitelist is currently ongoing.

Check out the DINNGO Website — http://bit.ly/DINNGO_Official

Chat on Telegram — http://bit.ly/DINNGO_TEL

Read the Whitepaper — http://bit.ly/DINNGO_WP

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