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What Is Uhive?

A lot of projects aim to utilize blockchain technology to advance society as a whole. Focusing on social media may not necessarily achieve that goal, although it is still an option worth exploring. Uhive aims to become the new comprehensive social network, although achieving that goal will be quite a challenge.

Uhive in a Nutshell

Becoming the next social network is not an impossible challenge these days. With Facebook and Twitter losing popularity, it is only normal consumers will flock to alternatives sooner or later. Whether or not Uhive’s approach to become a social network with physical dimensions will get people excited, is a different concept altogether. Its beta app is expected in October of 2018.

How Does it Work?

Brining a physical dimension to a social media network sounds a bit unusual. After all, most people associate social networks with an online presence, rather than bringing this to the physical world. Even so, Uhive wants to pride itself on being the first to bridge the gap between online and physical.

Additionally, the projects boasts the introduction of a “grey world”. Users can be whoever they be, which is a rather common trait of social networks as a whole. Most people claim to be someone entirely different on the internet, after all. At the same time, keeping up the facade when using a social network with a physical dimension will be nigh impossible.

One thing that makes the project stand out is its focus on patenting everything pertaining to Uhive. The physical dimension aspect has a patent pending, as does the grey world hybrid blockchain approved. The cryptocurrency community has no love lost for patent filings, although taking that approach seems to make sense in this particular regard.

The Uhive Token

As is usually the case when a new project comes to market, there will be a native token to be used. In the case of Uhive, its token is known as UHIVE to avoid a lot of confusion. This token will serve as a key part of the networks digital economy. The value of this token is derived from organic revenue streams generated from user activities on the platform.

The Road Ahead

As is always the case with blockchain projects, there is still plenty of work to be done. Uhive will present its beta app in a few weeks, albeit it remains unclear how long the beta test will remain in place exactly. If everything goes according to place, the final app will come to market a few months later, although it may not necessarily happen in 2018. During the same time, the UHIVE tokens will make their way to exchanges for global trading purposes. There’s a lot to look forward to.


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