Decentralized Venture Capital DAO Launches Yield Funds

Stacker Ventures was born from the belief that access to the opportunities that next-gen digital assets offer should be open to anyone, not only to a closed community of venture capitalists. Since launching in early March, Stacker Ventures racked up over $10M in total commitments from investors worldwide looking to pool their Ethereum to invest in emerging startups and their afferent digital assets. 

After being met with huge community support, Stacker Ventures is further opening the gates to institutional-grade DeFi exposure by launching its very own yield funds. 

Introducing the Stacker Ventures Active Yield Funds

Decentralized finance yield farming has shown great promise, but the market entails a complicated learning curve to novice investors on top of rising Ethereum gas fees that make participation unprofitable for the average investor. To make matters worse, opaque, centralized alternatives have a growing reputation for  dubious, behind-the-scenes practices, causing an overall lack of trust. 

Stacker Ventures sees great potential in this rising market, and is proving that a decentralized, transparent, and accessible alternative is possible. To keep things short and sweet, SV’s yield funds aim to provide users with a simple, safe, and transparent means of accessing investment-grade yields in DeFi. In doing so, decentralized capital control remains in users’ hands, whereas highly-competent fund managers invest pooled funds according to a strict whitelist of strategies. In other words, control remains decentralized while investors benefit from the expertise of the Managing Farmer. 

Moving forward, Stacker Ventures is excited for its yield funds to capitalize on emerging opportunities even before yield aggregators have had the same chance, leading to significant sustained APY for investors. Security is enhanced by ensuring that all pooled assets remain within the fund contracts, staying true to the non-custodial standard of capital security. 

Thanks to the open-end nature of the yield funds, investors are free to withdraw their capital on a rolling basis while benefiting from a weekly rebalance of profits.

Projected Fund Profits for Stacker Venture Investors

By front-running yield aggregators that must develop code-based automations, Stacker’s yield funds have an upper hand in the DeFi profit-seeking competition. 

There’s no guaranteed APY at play here, but judging by the market standards, projections as high as 30-40% base APY can be made. Stacker Ventures’ yield funds will allow deposits in ETH, wBTC, and USDC, with more funds possible in the near future.

Making DeFi Yields Intuitive

Yield farming doesn’t have to be complicated. Intuitive solutions are finally being deployed in hopes of assuring ongoing revenue streams for investors looking to tap into DeFi’s hottest opportunities. Through its yield funds, Stacker Ventures does away with unnecessary learning curves, creating a frictionless investment experience while retaining decentralized control over capital.

To learn more about Stacker Ventures, check out its Docs, Discord server, and Telegram community

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