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Deloitte Survey Shows Self-Professed Blockchain Experts Are Found in Every Industry

The overall blockchain industry growth has attracted a lot of attention. That is only natural, as it seems there is a genuine interest in exploring the possibilities created by this technology. Even so, it seems various individuals consider themselves “experts” when it comes to blockchain. The rise of self-professed blockchain experts will not be slowing down anytime soon.

Blockchain Experts Galore in Every Industry

There is a very tangible difference between knowing what a blockchain is and being an expert on the matter. Unfortunately, it would appear everyone who knows the term “blockchain” is trying to position themselves as an expert. Such a development is not entirely surprising, as this industry is growing at an accelerating pace. As such, the demand for talent with the right knowledge is also on the rise.

While it has proven difficult to fill the number of job openings in the blockchain world, there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of experts out there. A new report by Deloitte shows that many people consider themselves to be blockchain experts at this early stage. That is very surprising, mainly because it seems most of those industries are not even making any major strides in terms of exploring distributed ledgers in a commercial manner.

According to the survey, the oil & gas industry has most of the blockchain experts. The food industry is not far behind, with the technology/media/telecommunications industry completing the top three. While there are some DLT ventures active in the food industry, disrupting oil & gas will not necessarily happen anytime soon. The media industry is most prone to blockchain disruption, although none of the existing projects have gained any mainstream traction at this time.

One would also expect the financial sector to be very active in terms of blockchain development. Interestingly enough, 73% of respondents claim they have an excellent understanding of the technology. That may seem like an impressive number, yet it only ranks seventh overall. This either seems to indicate the financial industry is not too keen on DLT at this stage, or the industry acknowledges that a lot more expertise is needed prior to exploring commercial operations.

Assuming the latter is the case, one has to wonder why other industries claim to have gained more knowledge on blockchain over the years. Self-professed blockchain experts are not necessarily the best individuals for exploring innovative and disruptive technologies. Based on the results of this survey, one has to wonder where all of these experts are coming from and how they obtained the necessary knowledge so quickly.

Whether or not the results of this survey portend major blockchain disruption is difficult to predict. As of right now, the number of commercial efforts remains relatively low, and no major changes are to be expected in this regard. It is good to see many different industries explore the options available to them. However, there is still a long way to go until implementation of blockchain can occur on a large scale.


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