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EOS-Forum Is a Viable Decentralized Reddit Competitor

Utilizing blockchain technology can be done in many different ways. This technology has the potential to store tremendous amounts of data, yet retrieving the information is a challenge. EOS-Forum shows it is not necessarily difficult to achieve, as this platform has many advantages.

The EOS-Forum Concept

Unlike what the name might suggest, EOS-forum has nothing to do with creating a PHPBB2 board dedicated to the EOS ecosystem. Instead, it is an accessible user interface to directly access content stored on the EOS blockchaiin. This approach turns the platform into a decentralized discussion board, as none of the information can be altered or removed from existence.

How Does It Work?

Two major components are linked together to turn EOS-Forum into a game-changing concept. More specifically, it uses the EOS blockchain and its immutable nature to store all data pertaining to this platform. Secondly, it uses an open source forum software solution which can be run locally or provide a globally accessible interface such as this one.

One of the appealing features this platform has to offer is how users can, courtesy of a recent update, post anonymously. That makes it a bit more interesting to explore this option, even though anonymity is not necessarily something all users want to pursue right now either. Giving the community more options to explore is never a bad idea, especially in this day and age.

From a convenience point of view, users do not need to manually create “subsections” on their own accord. It can be accessed right away and posts can be added right away, removing any friction associated with this concept. So far, it seems the platform is already getting a lot of attention, primarily because it resembles Reddit in many different ways.

What Comes Next?

As one would come to expect from a platform such as EOS-Forum, there is still plenty of work to be done. In its current form, the platform needs to be seen as an experimental project first and foremost. With the help of EOS Canada, Greymass. GenerEOS, and Scatter, further improvements will be added to this interface as more time progresses. It is a very intriguing way of battling Reddit’s centralized and censoring nature.

The open-source nature of this forum software allows community members to make contributions. It is equally possible alternate versions of a similar platform will be created over time, which can make for some interesting competition. Another option is how other projects will take an approach similar to this one moving forward. Decentralizing online discussions is an option worth looking into at all times.

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