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What Is Scatter?

Blockchain technology allows consumers to benefit from a wide range of new tools. When it comes to online identity and reputation management, the competition is heating up significantly. Scatter aims to play a role of importance in this regard over the coming years.

The Idea Behind Scatter

User authentication on the internet has become a rather complicated process. Every platform has a separate login and password, with some services interlinking with one another. Scatter aims to simplify matters by providing single sign-on backed by asymmetric encryption, allowing one to log into applications and services without using passwords.

How Does it Work?

Creating a single sign-on solution backed by cryptography and encryption is not all that easy. Offering a convenient yet secure solution to the masses will require the use of innovative technologies. Scatter aims to let owners retain full control of their information at all times. All information is stored on one’s own device, although it can be pushed to a blockchain using a hashed fingerprint.

With Scatter, handing over one’s personal information is a decision that only the user can make. Applications and service providers cannot harvest client data without the end user’s permission. Additionally, Scatter will warn users about applications which have a habit of leaking client data. This will hopefully force companies to ensure they adhere to the highest level of security and privacy at all times.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Scatter is that it works with multiple blockchains. Only EOS and Ethereum are supported at this stage, but additional chains will be supported in the future. Having one identity and reputation system capable of being used across all blockchains sounds very appealing to the right users. This multi-chain approach also means users can interact with any application, which will pave the way for mass adoption of DApps.

The Road Ahead

Unlike what one might expect, Scatter is a completely free solution which is currently available for beta testing. Although there is still a lot of work to be done, there is a Chrome extension available to users who prefer to access this service that way. Once support for all other main blockchains is incorporated, Scatter can begin making its mark on the industry as a whole.


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