Four Best Crypto Signal Providers of Q2 2018 That Will Make You Rich

What’s the Current State of the Crypto Market?

Currently, the cryptocurrency market is all the rage. The market attracts all kinds of people, from bottom-feeders and fraudsters to top-notch experts with years of experience. It can be very difficult for an inexperienced trader to find the best crypto signals on Telegram. Often enough, beginners are easily scammed. For this reason, we created the Safetrading platform. This platform solves the problem of the abundance of scams by publishing independent audits of reliable crypto signal providers. When we gain access to the signals of a given provider, we analyze them and perform an independent audit.

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In this article, we will cover the best Telegram crypto groups which have proven their reliability with the best crypto signals on Telegram in 2018. All of these providers have shown outstandingly positive results over Q2 of 2018. All of them gave us access to the information needed for an in-depth analysis of each vendor’s reliability. Have a look at our top four providers to learn whom you can trust in unstable market conditions that rapidly change.

1. OPC Premium

OPC Premium is an international team of crypto trading experts. These guys have rich experience in trading crypto, and they are willing to share it for a reasonable price. They keep an eye on all the market fluctuations and keep their followers posted.

About 4,000 users are subscribed to the OPC project.

It is a common strategy to divide users into segments in order to deliver the best and most relevant services and information to all of them. They also have a closed chat for paid users to get in touch with each other.

OPC support is worth admiring; they reply to their subscribers almost instantly at all times, even though their team is very small.

To sum it all up, the main benefits of OPC are as follows:

  • International team with rich experience in crypto trading
  • Owners actively consult users and strictly control the quality of services
  • Top-notch instant support service
  • A private chat for paid users

Check our independent audit of OPC Premium here.

The OPC Result for Q2 2018 you can see here.

Contact information:

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2. InfoCrypto

InfoCrypto Telegram crypto signals group started in 2017. The founder used to work for a famous Brazilian crypto channel. As he gained more and more experience, he decided to start a project of his own. Currently, the InfoCrypto group pleases its subscribers with accurate crypto signals, recent updates of the crypto market, as well as tutorials and advice on how to act in different trading situations. All of this comes for an average subscription price.

Being one of the best crypto signals providers on the market already, the team is continuously improving their services. It is now working on a platform that would unite their customers in one system. It is exciting to see how it will look and what services will be offered.

To sum it all up, the main benefits of InfoCrypto are as follows:

  • Accurate signals that bring a reasonable profit
  • Up-to-date analysis of Bitcoin market behavior
  • Predictions for minimum levels of the coins
  • Personal assistance to clients with margin transactions in chat
  • Information on several levels of coin purchase in the signals
  • Fast, high-quality support
  • Contact outside of Telegram (own website)

Check our independent audit of InfoCrypto here.

The report for Q2 2018 of InfoCrypto you can see here.

Contact information:

Use the discount code “SAFETRADING” for 15% on monthly/lifetime plans during website registration or tell to admin’s on the group keyword SAFETRADING.

3. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is a team from the Netherlands and has been involved in the market for a long time. The hallmark of Verified Crypto Traders is in its name — they are verified and trusted thanks to the fact that they have legalized their business. You can check Verified Crypto Traders in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. The owners take steps to legalize their relations with their customers by signing business contracts with them. Major investors greatly appreciate this.

Verified Crypto Traders is a role model for the rest of the market thanks to the quality of the information they provide. You can find signals, predictions for coins, market predictions, and a lot of other information on their Telegram channel. These guys only share information that everyone in the crypto trading world needs to know.

To sum it all up, the main benefits of Verified Crypto traders are as follows:

  • Legalize their business and sign contracts
  • Work with major investors
  • Allow every subscriber to contact the founder
  • Publish major market updates and coin predictions
  • Contact outside of Telegram (own website)

Check our independent audit of Verified Crypto Traders here.

The result for Q2 2018 of Verified Crypto Traders you can see here.

Contact information:

To get a discount, please contact https://verifiedcrypto and use the coupon code SAFETRADING when you enroll to get this juicy discounts:

4. WhaleTank Premium

WhaleTank is a US-based team of crypto signal providers that delivers top crypto signals to their subscribers. They have managed to create a safe environment for their clients, even in rapidly changing market conditions. This environment suits investors best of all. The operation model of WhaleTank is worth taking a lead from.

The WhaleTank team members have years of experience in both Forex and crypto trading. All of the paid users of this channel get access to accurate Bitcoin signals, the most important market updates, Bitcoin TA, and more.

To sum it all up, the main benefits of WhaleTank Premium are as follows:

  • Team of experts from the US
  • Safe environment for clients
  • Opportunities to follow coin and portfolio changes easily
  • Contact outside of Telegram (own website and a Facebook page)

Check our independent audit of WhaleTank here.

The WhaleTank’s report for Q2 2018 you can see here

Contact information:

Final Thoughts

These are our top four reliable crypto signal providers, whose results were the best over Q2 of 2018. All of these top crypto channels deliver top-notch services to their subscribers and bring them significant and sustainable profit. We believe that the quality of each of their services is approximately the same. View our ratings of best paid crypto signals to get information about the crypto trading signal providers. Stay with https://safetrading.today and earn money with reliable traders who publish the best cryptocurrency signals on Telegram.

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