Holo Price Moves up Strongly as $0.0015 is a Likely Target

It has been a very remarkable day for all cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets. The uptrend is still in place as of right now, and it seems most markets continue to move up accordingly. Even the Holo price has successfully noted big gains, although its BTC and ETH ratio is plummeting pretty hard. Most traders remain hopeful this is the beginning of much bigger things to come.

Holo Price Shows Signs of a Bounce

The past week and a half haven’t been too great for fans of Holo. Not because the currency is a dead project all of a sudden, as that appears to be far from the case. However, the value of HOT has seen its fair share of bearish pressure, up until two days ago. As such, these past 24 hours have yielded a lot of opportunistic momentum which very few people expected to witness.

Over the past 24 hours, the Holo price has gained 7.5% to rise to $0.00124. In terms of BTC and ETH ratio, however, the losses are quite steep with 5.66% and 3.3% respectively. Although traders had hoped for a push to 40 Satoshi again, the HOT value sits at 26 right now. It is likely this ratio will continue to decrease over the next few days.

There is one tidbit of rather interesting news for Holo which would warrant a further price increase. BiteBTC has confirmed they will be listing HOT as of today. Although it is not the biggest exchange by any means, one has to keep in mind any form of additional liquidity will be beneficial to this altcoin. As such, it may warrant another minor price push, yet it is unclear how much of a difference this listing will make when everything is said and done.


XRPSteve makes a rather interesting point at this time. This most recent Bitcoin price rise – as well as the value increase of altcoins, tokens, and assets – has caused a major mood shift to occur all of a sudden. This is the enthusiasm most people expect to see all year round. Following an 18-month bearish trend, however, it is only normal the mood is a bit sour first and foremost.

For those who merely care about the price chart and where the HOT value is heading next, Escobar has some intriguing thoughts. He claims Holo is one of the new shiny coins on the block which will see a major pump similar to the levels attained throughout 2017. It is a very optimistic outlook, although it may very well come true in the long run. Any market will benefit from Bitcoin’s momentum, which is only to be expected.


When looking across the board, one has to wonder how long all of this momentum can be sustained under these circumstances. As long as Bitcoin remains in the green, it seems unlikely any form of correction will occur. However, the world’s leading cryptocurrency has been very unpredictable since its inception.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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