NulLTX Holo Price Surge

Holo Price Uptrend Continues as Privacy Matters

Excitement is not hard to come by in the cryptocurrency world these days. Especially altcoin traders are quite happy with the way things are going lately. Those who keep Holo in their portfolio have nothing to complain about either, as the momentum seems to favor this altcoin right now. The latest gains pave the way to potentially reaching a new all-time high this year.

Holo Price Continues to Surprise

Even though a lot of altcoins are trending up right now, not everyone expected Holo to note strong momentum today. As is usually the case in the world of unpredictable altcoin markets, anything can and will happen every now and then. The value per HOT token has reached $0.0012 again, and it seems further gains are not out of the question entirely.

This most recent price increase is facilitated by an ongoing rise in the BTC and ETH value of HOT. A strong 4.3% gain over Bitcoin and a 3.65% increase over Ethereum show this altcoin might see a lot more positive momentum before the year 2018 comes to a close. At the same time, any positive momentum for altcoins mainly hinges on Bitcoin’s momentum,  which might not remain overly positive for much longer.

It would appear there are a lot of positive developments taking place behind the scenes of Holo. The project seems to offer a lot of potential in terms of protecting user data and privacy in the future. Given the alarming number of user data incidents over the past few years, any solution to keep data safe will be of great interest to a lot of people.

A new rumor is spreading on the Internet as of right now. Determining its validity will be challenging, although it would appear Mozilla is in talks with Holochain. No official announcements are expected in the near future, but it is evident rumors like this will undoubtedly spark some interesting debates.  Mozilla always values user privacy and data, thus a partnership with Holo is not entirely out of the realm of possibilities.

Last but not least, there is no shortage of “hopium’ where Holo enthusiasts are concerned. One interesting YouTube video shows how HOT could potentially rise to $1 in 2019. That would represent a near 800% increase in value compared to the current price, which is not something one sees every day either. In the cryptocurrency world, spectacular gains will materialize given enough time. HOT at $1 is an interesting prospect, for obvious reasons.

Unlike most other altcoins, Holo seems to have no issue with its current trading volume. Although one would expect slightly higher numbers based on the project’s market cap, one has to keep in mind Holo still has a lot of work ahead. At the same time, more and more traders begin to appreciate what the platform has to offer.


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