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Litecoin Maintains a Higher SegWit Adoption Rate Compared to Bitcoin

There are many different cryptocurrency networks that have integrated Segregated Witness technology over the years. Litecoin, while often overlooked by traders and investors, still boasts a much higher SegWit adoption rate compared to Bitcoin.

It is always interesting to see how different crypto networks shape up compared to one another.

Litecoin has a Healthy SegWit Adoption Rate

Albeit it is still  futile to compare networks for the most part, the SegWit statistics do not lie by any means.

According to Blockchair, Litecoin’s SegWit adoption is much higher compared to Bitcoin.

Additionally, the recent Bitcoin adoption “dip” has seemingly been overcome, which is a prominent sign for the future.

Historically speaking, Litecoin beat Bitcoin to SegWit hands-down. 

Rather than creating a hard fork, the LTC developers integrated it through a soft-fork approved by the majority of the network.

This further confirmed how easy it was to implement this technology, eventually resulting in the Bitcoin network receiving the same treatment. 

Ever since, however, it seems as if the majority of users and traders have started to ignore Litecoin altogether.

It is still a viable network that boasts low transaction fees and fast transactions

The future will undoubtedly get interesting for the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, in one way or another.


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