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Novel Coronavirus Mutations are Nothing to Worry About, yet

Over the past few days, there has been some debate regarding mutations of the novel coronavirus. Both a “regular” and more “aggressive” strain had allegedly been spotted in the wild.

It is not uncommon for a virus to mutate as it continues to flourish.

Two Versions of the Novel Coronavirus Exist

Whether that will apply to the novel coronavirus as well, may not be as cut-and-dried.

It is true that the virus is mutating, but scientists and researchers are not too concerned about that aspect.

Not all mutations will be harmful or exponentially more difficult to deal with.

It is crucial to not jump to fiction-based conclusions regarding what this mutation might entail exactly.

For now, there is no indication that the novel coronavirus is becoming more dangerous or problematic in any capacity.

As soon as an outbreak begins, a mutation of the virus will not make much of an impact.

With no novel coronavirus vaccine available on the market yet, some people worry how it may prove ineffective if these mutations keep happening.

There is no indication that this will be the case, at least for now.

Statistics-wise, the two current versions of the virus differ by just 0.007%.

As such, there is no reason to think a future vaccine can’t handle both strains with ease.

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