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Stratis Unveils Its Free Mobile Identity Application

Anchoring one’s identity data to the blockchain may prove to be a very big challenge. Stratis has come up with a potential solution, known as Stratis Identity. The iOS release of this application introduces new ways to manage personal and corporate identities in one go.

The Stratis Identity Product Explained

Various blockchain companies are actively working on identity management solutions. It is a very intriguing business model, as it has become apparent that no identity management systems are completely safe from external harm. Solving that issue will require the use of innovative technologies, and blockchain technology may allow for some interesting approaches moving forward.

For Stratis, its focus on managing personal and corporate identities has been active for some time now. These efforts have all culminated in the Stratis Identity application. Although it’s only available for iOS users as of right now, it is a valid real-world use case for blockchain technology. Users can attest their personal or corporate identity on an immutable ledger and share that data with others by granting permission.

With this new iOS app, users can create a permanent and unique record of their identity on the Stratis blockchain. Its permission-only style of access ensures information is kept private at all times unless the user gives his or her expressed permission. It is also possible to link social media information to this digitized identity.

Stratis CEO Chris Trew noted:

Mass adoption of blockchain will only come through simplicity, and Stratis Identity offers a streamlined way to verify one’s identity through popular social media accounts, using preexisting Microsoft, LinkedIn or Google account information. Once one’s true identity is established through our app, a Stratis Identity can be shared securely without ever exposing any specific user’s sensitive personal data.

Users and corporations will also be able to attest their identities. This task can be performed by logging into the various supported social network accounts, including LinkedIn. Supporting professional networks for identity attestation is a smart decision, rather than relying on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. This also makes the mobile app capable of providing proof of ownership of these online accounts.

Considering that this application is completely free of charge, it will be interesting to see if consumers or corporations give this new identity management solution a try in the future. Using blockchain technology to link one’s identity to an immutable record seemingly makes a lot of sense. It is a secure way of conducting business, although the Stratis blockchain isn’t necessarily as well-known as some other offerings on the market today.


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