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Tezos Overtakes EOS in Number of Coins Staked

There are many different ways to make money in the cryptocurrency space. One option to explore is proof-of-stake coins, a segment in which Tezos has now overtaken virtually all other currencies in terms of overall coins staked.

Proof-of-stake currencies can help generate a passive revenue stream.

Tezos is on a Roll

Most users simply keep coins in their wallet and earn passive rewards for doing so.

Other currencies support masternode systems, giving users a chance to lock up bigger amounts of a coin and earn bigger rewards. 

Ever since these concepts gained popularity, different coins have been competing for the top spot.

EOS has held on to that position for a while, but that is no longer the case.

Instead, it has been overtaken by Tezos.

The staking of Tezos is very straightforward, and offers a few different options to explore.

By successfully overtaken EOS in terms of number of coins locked in staking, an interesting situation has been created.

Other noteworthy coins to keep an eye on include ALGO, ATOM, and Dash. 

It is worth noting that Tezos has a lower circulating supply compared to EOS and ATOM.

As such, it would appear that this project is attracting long-term stakers first and foremost.


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