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Tokamak Network Announces Strategic Partnership with Bounce Finance

Tokamak Network, the market’s leading layer-2 on-demand aggregator has recently announced the commencement of a partnership with Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction protocol providing competitive swap environments that power the future of open finance. 

Over the last couple of months, the decentralized finance market has seen considerable growth, with billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being locked in smart contracts. DeFi facilitates frictionless finance by providing individuals with collateralized loans and high-yield revenue streams for users looking to earn interest via their digital assets. 

Facilitating Decentralized Auctions Through Bounce Finance

In particular, Bounce Finance was designed to provide DeFi enthusiasts with access to a decentralized auction protocol boasting a competitive swap environment. Via this DeFi platform that’s compatible with both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance’s smart chain, customers are able to engage in OTC trading, initial token offerings and NFT auctions within a singular platform, whilst earning revenue via user-managed swap pools. 

Tokamak Network Solves Ethereum’s Current Challenges

Ethereum’s current design flaws have led to the appearance of layer-2 solutions which attempt to solve some of the network’s challenges. However, no layer-2 solution can do it all, as some were specifically designed to assure scalability, whereas other solutions are better suited for privacy, composability, or smart contract support. As a layer-2 aggregator developed by Onther, Tokamak Network provides users with on-demand access to layer-2 solutions, so rather than having to choose a singular layer-2, Tokamak users can access many others, thereby no longer sacrificing their dApp’s performance benchmarks. To put this into perspective, an Ethereum dApp developer can leverage Tokamak Network to easily build customized blockchains that retain the same benefits as those associated with layer-2 solutions like RollUp, Optimism, Plasma, Zk-Rollup, and more. Compatibility with Ethereum is retained, ensuring a smaller learning curve for users who are only accustomed with this blockchain. 

Highlighting the Partnership Between Tokamak Network and Bounce Finance

As part of the new partnership, Bounce Finance will now rely on Tokamak’s layer-2 solution. This is bound to enhance the performance of Bounce Finance, which by design, is a platform that requires large-scale computation capabilities, alongside a number of other features. Through the Tokamak Network layer-2 solution, Bounce Finance will be able to serve a larger user base, as scalability challenges will no longer represent a concern. Similarly, Bounce Finance can also retain its decentralization, without negatively affecting user convenience, a key point in its value proposition. The integration will be seamless, and only noticeable at a backend level. 

The partnership will also greatly benefit Tokamak Network, fostering additional growth of the protocol as it acquires more highly-relevant use cases. In return, this is likely to lead to the discovery of additional use cases, while proving the worth of Tokamak’s implementation as a layer-2 on-demand aggregator for many other projects. 

After announcing the partnership between Tokamak Network and Bounce Finance, Soon-Hyung, the CEO of Onther, has mentioned that “This partnership is the cornerstone for the popularization of Tokamak Network. Bounce Finance and Tokamak Network will strengthen continued collaboration to create a blockchain experience with improved network scalability and feature-rich functionality.”

With these aspects in mind, the recent partnership between Tokamak Network and Bounce Finance is one of the many collaborations that will lead to much improved blockchain networks, featuring optimal smart contract support, as well as scalability, composability, security, and decentralization. Over the long run, this will further power the growth of decentralized finance, creating additional use cases for people worldwide. 

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