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Top 6 Cryptocurrencies Adding the Most Data to Their Blockchain

When it comes to looking at the different cryptocurrencies on the market, the length of one’s blockchain is often discussed as well. Some currencies tend to add a lot of data to their chain compared to others. The following currencies are ranked by the size in kilobytes added during the past 24 hours. Source for the data isĀ OnChainFX.

#6 Litecoin

For a currency which has no specific dApps or smart contracts to speak of, Litecoin is still adding a healthy chunk of data to its blockchain on a regular basis. These past 24 hours have resulted in an addition of just over 12MB to the blockchain. It shows there are still sufficient transactions taking place on the network, as that is the only source of adding data to the Litecoin blockchain accordingly.

#5 Dogecoin


Given the recent popularity of Dogecoin, it is anything but surprising to see its blockchain growing due to native transactions. A total of 14MB was added to the chain, which is a more than healthy figure for a project few people take seriously. Even so, it is evident Dogecoin is here to stay, and the demand for using this currency will not slow down anytime soon.


pivx big

For a currency which focuses on privacy, PIVX is not mentioned all that often as part of current cryptocurrency discussions. Even so, the network is growing at an accelerating pace, resulting in over 34MB of data being added to its blockchain in the past day. It is also one of the more prominent privacy currencies on the market, and only one of two coins in this list with privacy features.

#3 Monero

TheMerkle Monero Developments 2018

There is a very big difference between Monero and all other privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies. Monero has no optional privacy, which makes it the most private coin by default. It also suffers a bit from blockchain bloat due to its current method of making transactions private. That will be solved in the future, yet 73MB of data was added to its blockchain in these past 24 hours.

#2 Bitcoin

bitcoin ath

Considering how Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency, one would expect to see its blockchain grow the fastest. That is not necessarily the case, although an addition of 87MB is not all that bad, all things considered. It is a rather steep amount, though, as Bitcoin’s massive blockchain size has been well-documented in the past.

#1 Ethereum

ethereum erc code

No one is really surprised to see Ethereum’s blockchain growing the fastest of them all right now. This is partially thanks to the native smart contracts, dApps, and ICO token sales taking place. Adding 166MB to the blockchain on a daily basis is rather worrisome, though, but it seems some of those problems will be solved in future iterations of the Ethereum ecosystem accordingly.


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