Twitter Randomly Disrupts User Privacy With Data Sharing Change

Twitter remains a somewhat controversial social network due to some very weird things taking place. It now appears that a new change in data-sharing settings will further erode user privacy without a prior warning.

There is always something going on with Twitter that raises eyebrows. 

Another Controversial Decision by Twitter

This new change will not be met with much enthusiasm, which is only to be expected.

The social media platform has made some changes to its data-sharing policies which will annoy plenty of users.

This change affects the way that Twitter shares user information with its business partners.

By default, most user accounts now have a box checked that “allows additional information sharing with business partners”.

This is turned on by default due to the policy change, but can be opted out of without much issues.

If left turned on, it influences the conversion tracking for ads on the platform, as well as Twitter harvesting device identifiers and cookies to measure effectiveness of its campaigns.

Depending on the user’s region, the changes will have different effects.

Even so, it is odd to see Twitter introduce these changes out of the blue and for no real reason.

Changes like these will not sit well with most users, especially those that value privacy.

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