Verge Price Hints at Rebounding Following Major Gains in BTC Value

As the troublesome cryptocurrency market momentum continues. It would appear some interesting things are on the horizon. With the one-hour candles looking extremely bullish all of a sudden, there may be a positive end to the week after all. Verge is one of the only currencies going in the green right now, although it needs Bitcoin’s momentum to remain in place.

Verge Price Makes a Big Move

It is quite interesting to keep an eye on the cryptocurrency markets right now. Although there is still a sea of red, there is some interesting momentum in the 1-hour chart department. It is uncanny how markets can rebound all of a sudden, even though ensuring these gains remain in place will be a different matter altogether.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a small but meaningful Verge price increase. The 3.5% in USD value and 9.5% gain in Bitcoin value show all markets need a small injection of fresh capital to note successes. The main problem is how the weekend is around the corner, which will result in all fiat liquidity drying up. When that happens sideways and bearish momentum will materialize with ease.

There are some interesting developments taking place which do warrant a Verge price uptrend. A new development update has been provided, which touches upon some interesting upcoming changes for Verge as an ecosystem. Although no immediate changes will materialize, these development updates will keep the community engaged during these harsh times.

Secondly, Mihael Radolovic is keeping the community engaged with an advent calendar New stories are published every single day to not just inform the novices about Verge as a currency, but also provide some buzz for this somewhat forgotten altcoin. A few months ago, Verge was the talk of crypto town, but those discussions seem long gone.

When looking at the Verge price chart, it is evident things are looking rather impressive. It is quite similar to how the price suddenly went through an uptrend in late 2017, although it seems unlikely such a massive trend will materialize in late 2018. Unless Bitcoin does something unprecedented, this Verge price trend may not remain in place for long either.

All things considered, every single altcoin needs Bitcoin to rise in value right now. Verge is no exception in this regard, even though some diehard supporters may gladly claim otherwise. Without Bitcoin, none of the other cryptocurrencies can succeed. While that is an unfortunate trend, there is also little to be done about it under the current circumstances.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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