Virtuse Exchange is Building a Future That Everyone Can Benefit From

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving – from the days of the odd investors to now serious investors that we see today. Cryptocurrencies, undeniably have the potential to change the world. For instance, did you know that one in every five financial institutions considers trading in cryptocurrencies as a way to maximise portfolio value? And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Virtuse exchange is a next-generation, blockchain-powered exchange, bringing cryptocurrencies to global investors as a way to combine the world of traditional investments with a wide range of crypto assets. It’s the next big step in linking virtual currencies to real-world assets in a safe environment.

You could think of the Virtuse Exchange as creating a paradigm shift through Crypto Asset Digitization. It makes crypto-trading within reach to everyone, from hobby to sophisticated investors who are looking to maximize their potential gains from cryptocurrency trading. The Virtuse Exchange serves a much wider purpose — to decentralize global markets.  

Virtuse Exchange envisions a future where capital markets are transparent, and accessible by everyone, at any time.

Today, global financial markets are more integrated than ever. However, it is this “integration” that institutes weakness with the current system. That’s because traditional capital markets are centralized, neither transparent nor accessible and typically benefit the wealthy.

Virtuse Exchange envisions a future where capital markets are transparent, and accessible by everyone, at any time. The Virtue Exchange is like no other as it instantly opens up trillions of dollars in assets through crypto-trading, bridging both global and crypto markets. Without Virtuse, this wouldn’t be possible.

There’s a pressing need for inherent transparency — and, this is key to market stability.

Despite all of these benefits that global financial markets bring, there remains a major concern among global investors, and that is transparency.

Transparency in financial markets includes information about the issuer, such as accounting data, credit ratings, and information about the business, and information about the issue, like the size of the issue, voting rights, rates of returns, and legal factors. In addition, it also covers (and is by no means limited to) market information. Things like whether the trading exchange is regulated or non-regulated, including the issuance, exchange, settlement and redemption.

According to a study by the International Monetary Fund, transparent markets are “more stable” in the face of financial fluctuations — when compared to those that aren’t so forthcoming with information. While the vulnerability of international markets greatly varies, markets that provide more timely data that are fully disclosed react less sharply to the ups and downs of global market conditions.  

There’s a pressing need for inherent transparent, and cryptocurrencies are clear drivers of this revolution, being key to market stability.

Today’s financial markets are in a complete discord, beneath the scenes a revolution has begun.

One of the key features of cryptocurrency exchanges is the use of digital safeguards that ensure security in transactions through transparent processes – financial information is transparent while identities of the trading parties are held confidential.

The adoption of cryptocurrency as a “mode of monetary exchange” could serve as an effective deterrent to corruption globally, since Blockchain-enabled transactions are digitally protected and can be traced to its key — otherwise known as a unique identifier for authenticated cryptocurrency users.

Recent turmoils in global finance, such as the 2008 financial crisis have had a massive impact on institutional and private investors around the world. Put simply, global markets today do not hold the trust that they once held.

That’s why global financial systems are in need of a complete overhaul. and we’re whether we like to admit it or not, we’re amidst a financial revolution.

Virtuse Exchange marries the old with a new exciting way to invest.

Virtuse Exchange has married the concepts of traditional exchanges, such as the EUREX Exchange or the NYSE, with the recent revolutions of crypto exchanges to create a safer platform that connects crypto markets to real-world assets.  

The Virtuse Exchange is based on VIRT (Virtuse Token) that’s ERC20 compliant, the gold standard for all Ethereum tokens to follow and comply with, and is used widely in trading, the settlement of contracts, insurance and leverage, and also in trading in cryptocurrencies, forwards and commodity futures. This transforms how value is stored, recorded and transformed, ultimately building a future that everyone can benefit from.  

Considering the way the market has been looking up to Virtuse Exchange with hope and confidence, the next wave of financial growth is just around the corner.

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