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What Is BullCryp?

The cryptocurrency world is undergoing some big changes. These developments will pave the way for broader adoption of Bitcoin and the various altcoins. BullCryp wants to be a part of that, and this multi-exchange trading and data dashboard can be of great value to the right people.

The Concept of BullCryp

For novice users and investors, cryptocurrency can be rather overwhelming. It is a very daunting industry with a lot of information waiting to be soaked up. Finding the right information in a convenient manner can be a challenge. BullCryp aims to streamline this process in the years to come.

How Does it Work?

Launching a multi-exchange trading and data dashboard sounds appealing. Having access to information and analysis on various currencies in one convenient user interface will make this industry seem far less challenging. The project is still in full development, and a lot of improvements will be introduced in the years to come. This platform also supports the trading of cryptocurrency.

BullCryp aims to provide all of this functionality in a convenient manner. Its dashboard looks very appealing already, and it is mainly focused on trading various cryptocurrencies. A few exchanges will be supported initially, including Poloniex and Binance. More trading platforms will be added over time, although no official information has been provided in this regard. Reinventing the concept of cryptocurrency will take a lot of time and effort.

Another interesting aspect of BullCryp is that it uses artificial intelligence to provide SmartAlerts. This algorithmic solution offers trading alerts of interesting buy and sell opportunities presented across the supported exchanges. Considering that all of this will be provided free of charge, BullCryp will be a project worth looking into for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Road Ahead

BullCryp is currently in beta, which means the project is still in the relatively early stages of development. A lot of new features will need to be introduced in the future to make this venture more appealing to the masses. Even so, the product is completely free of charge, and the current functionality will be more than sufficient to appease some novice cryptocurrency users.


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