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What Is Virtual Crypto?

Making cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses remains one of the biggest struggles in this industry. Virtual Crypto is designed to successfully address this situation by introducing a fast and accurate trade execution platform. Its main objective is to let users find the best deals and execute trades in mere seconds.

The Virtual Crypto Concept Explained

Bridging the gap between consumers and cryptocurrency exchanges is not as easy as one would expect. Virtual Crypto aims to do this by offering three cryptocurrency-oriented projects, ranging from a POS terminal to ATMs and a transaction confirmation API.  By offering this wide range of services, the company aims to make its name in the cryptocurrency industry.

How Does it Work?

With this wide range of products, Virtual Crypto aims to make a major impact across the globe in the coming years. Its POS Terminal will offer some much-needed competition in an otherwise barren ecosystem. Although anyone can accept Bitcoin payments through most mobile wallet applications, it is evident there is still a demand for physical hardware in this regard.

On the Bitcoin ATM front, there is a vast competition going on between existing manufacturers already. How Virtual Crypto aims to make an impact in this competitive market, will be different very difficult to predict. The NetoBit ATM is bi-directional and lets users both buy and sell cryptocurrencies through these dedicated machines.

Last but not least, Virtual Crypto is offering a NetoBit Trader ATM to support multiple currencies for traders. This software is a new gateway which makes all existing cryptocurrencies accessible to the masses, as it supports multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. It does appear this API is running on Amazon’s AWS, which is not exactly surprising.

The Road Ahead

Making a big impact in the cryptocurrency industry through this multi-pronged approach seemingly makes it a lot of sense to Virtual Crypto and its team. Whether or not any of the products and services can be successful, is a different matter altogether. By tapping into different areas, the team is tackling some issues affecting the cryptocurrency industry, although its website may not convey the message in the most professional manner.


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