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XRP is a Valuable Tool for Addressing Crypto Spam on Twitter

There are numerous innovative projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world which are often overlooked. In the case of “You’re Welcome”, their approach is pretty interesting to keep an eye on. Although trusting third-party Chrome plugins is always a risk, this crypto spam blocker with XRP support is pretty interesting in its own regard.

The Concept Explained

Although a Chrome plug-in by the name of “You’re Welcome” might not necessarily attract a lot of attention at first, the concept certainly has a lot of merit. This plugin is designed to help users block out cryptocurrency-related spam access the Twitter network. Given the vast amounts of spam to be found on this social media network, such a solution is not an unnecessary luxury whatsoever.

What Makes it Unique?

Some people may not see the merit of such a Chrome extension right away. Twitter has built-in features to block specific Tweets or users, which should make it easier to avoid a lot of unnecessary spam in the process. At the same time, the cryptocurrency-related spam appears to be growing beyond proportion lately, and more proactive solutions are warranted at this point.

You’re Welcome relies on cryptocurrency for its core functionality. That is a bit of a misnomer by the developers, as they rely on XRP, which is not a cryptocurrency, but rather a digital asset. Users can block bot and spam tweets automatically without having to undertake any additional action. This plugin scans for specific accounts, words, context, and so forth.

Under the hood, You’re Welcome works natively with the XRP tip bot. It also incentivizes users to offer filter improvements in the form of XRP payments. As such, the plugin heavily relies on community participation to keep evolving and growing more robust as time progresses. Even so, this approach can be exactly what the crypto community on Twitter needs in this day and age.

Can it Gain Traction?

Certain aspects of You’re Welcome certainly seem rather appealing. The fact this plugin relies on XRP for near-instant settlement is a big step forward. Users can link their Twitter account to the XRP Tip Bot without friction, making this plugin a lot more accessible. It also has customization options for users to benefit from, and it doesn’t collect any user data along the way. Moreover, the top blockchain and crypto influencers are automatically added to the “never block list”.


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