3 Interesting Aspects of the Privacy-enabled Decentralized Exchange ZDEX

The competition among decentralized exchanges is heating up fairly quickly. That is a good thing, as traders and enthusiasts have shown a strong appreciation for this form of trading cryptocurrencies as of late. ZDEX is the first zero-knowledge proofs privacy-enabled decentralized exchange to come to market. Below are some other key aspects to note about this new venture.

#3 The Release Roadmap

Although there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to the ZDEX decentralized exchange, the project is not ready for prime time just yet. More specifically, the initial launch is an alpha version which will only allow for testnet trading. This should help iron out any lingering bugs or improvements which need to be made accordingly.

It is expected a proper beta release involving main net trading to come to market two weeks after the alpha launch. This timeline is always subject to change primarily because no one can ever predict if any major bugs will show up when people least expect it. As such, it seems safe to assume ZDEX will launch before 2018 comes to a close, and the alpha version should go live on November 1st.

#2 The PIVX Masternode Involvement

In the world of decentralized exchanges, most platforms tend to run on the Ethereum network at this time. A few ventures exist in the EOS ecosystem as well, which is a pretty interesting development. However, there is now one decentralized exchange which runs on the PIVX masternode network. ZDEX is the first project to choose this option, although it remains to be seen if this is a smart decision in the end.

By using PIVX’s masternode network, the decentralized exchange inherits some of the native technology In this case, it allows for privacy, an aspect that will be of great value to most decentralized exchange users moving forward. Additionally, it also benefits from zero-knowledge proofs, although it remains to be seen how this will affect the project exactly.

#1 PIVX Masternodes vs ZDEX Masternodes

In the world of cryptocurrency, masternodes are becoming increasingly important among privacy-oriented projects. In the case of PIVX, plenty of network masternodes exist already today. However, there is also an option to become zDEX nodes once the exchange goes live, which can be a pretty interesting option to explore.

Users who set up such a node will receive a set percentage of all XDEX trading fees. Unlike what some people might expect, this will not replace the regular PIVX masternode rewards, as they can be accumulated at the same time. This creates a lot of potential revenue streams for PIVX supporters, especially because ZDEX will become an integral part of the ecosystem moving forward.

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