Author: Will Izuchukwu

bitcoin price prediction and analysis july 15th 2022

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2022 – BTC Predicted to End the Year at $25,473, But There’s a Catch

The general cryptocurrency market has been through difficult times since last year November, after it set all-time high records. Notably, Bitcoin traded at $68,789 before falling to below $20,000 last month. The General Cryptocurrency Market Cap has dipped and maintained below $1 Trillion, sitting at $939,335,047,901. This is a notable […]


Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Watch in 2022

Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence stocks are less common. While more common than Quantum Computing stocks, companies are currently attempting to increase these capabilities by creating AI-specific chips and computers that allow them to automate increasingly complex operations fully. Artificial intelligence is used by businesses primarily in two ways:  […]


Top 5 Distributed Cloud Computing Tokens Below $50 Million Market Cap to Watch in 2022

Multiple software components running on many machines make up a distributed computer system, which functions as a single unit. Businesses are embracing blockchain technology due to the world’s ongoing technological development. Since the distributed system is the foundation of the blockchain, it is sometimes referred to as a “Decentralized Distributed […]


Top 4 Avalanche Ecosystem Tokens Below $70 Million Market Cap to Watch in 2022

Avalanche (AVAX) is an open-source platform used to develop decentralized applications (DeFi & DeFi 2.0) and business blockchain deployments in a single, highly scalable ecosystem. Avalanche was the first decentralized smart contracts platform with nearly instantaneous transaction finality. The Avalanche blockchain uses smart contracts, like Ethereum does, to support a […]

Tron TRX Ecosystem crypto coins july 2022

Top 4 TRON Ecosystem Tokens to Watch in July 2022

TRON is a robust blockchain ecosystem created and developed by blockchain developers worldwide that adhere to the “Decentralize the Web” guiding principle. The TRON ecosystem consists of various products, including a public chain, a wallet client, stablecoins, decentralized apps (DAPPs), etc. Due to the intimate connections between these products, the stability […]