Suspicious Black Friday Deal for a KeepKey is Best Avoided

Black Friday has arrived, which means there are numerous deals and bargains to scoop up. One particular offering for a cryptocurrency hardware wallet raises a lot of questions, though.

There are many reasons why Black Friday has become the favorite “holiday” of millions of consumers globally.

Black Friday is a Tricky Day

Not just because they can shop online, but primarily because they can save some money on specific products and services.

One product no one should ever try to skimp on is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

While these devices can be obtained through third-party sellers, there is no reason to take extra risks.

After all, there is always a chance the reseller has repackaged the item after messing around with the device’s seed key, for example.

Since novice users have no idea how these devices work, they could easily be scammed out of their crypto holdings.

This Black Friday, there appears to be a deal for the KeepKey hardware wallet.

It is priced at just $5, which makes it suspiciously cheap.

Normally, one would pay well over $40 for this unit, as that is still the manufacturer’s price.

Although discounts are not uncommon among hardware wallet producers, a 90% saving is rather unheard of. 

Offers like these can be problematic in many different ways.

For that price, customers either get scammed or received a device someone else has tampered with.

The third option is how one will receive a Chinese knockoff of the actual KeepKey. 

Black Friday is not the time to look for discounted hardware wallets unless it is offered by the actual manufacturer. 


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