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What is Bitcoin Oil?

It has been a while since a new Bitcoin fork came around. As such, it seems someone decided to create a “fork” which makes very little to no sense whatsoever. Bitcoin Oil is the name, and it appears to be a proof-of-stake currency which will introduce a lot of improvements […]

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What is Bitcoin Gold (BTG)?

Numerous cryptocurrencies try to imitate Bitcoin in many different ways. Not all of these projects are equally successful, which is only to be expected. In the case of Bitcoin Gold, there have been some significant setbacks and improvements along the way. The currency also celebrated its one-year anniversary, which marks […]

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What Is Masari?

All major cryptocurrencies have seen their code being forked over the past few years. It is a trend affecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so forth. Monero has seen its fair share of forks too, although the Masari project has been overlooked by a lot of people. Nearly a year after […]

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What Is nTezos Cryptocurrency?

There is never a shortage of drama in the world of cryptocurrency. Especially where the Tezos project is concerned, the situation tends to get out of hand on a regular basis. It now seems this project is bound to “fork” prior to even launching. It’s a worrisome development, albeit one […]