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Trading Bot Spotlight: Scavenger Bot

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts have shown a strong interest in trading bots. Although numerous solutions exist in this regard, a new project is currently generating some buzz. Always do your own research prior to using and trusting a third-party application developed by unknown individuals. Scavenger Bot has some potential, assuming the project […]

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What Are Bitcoin Trading Bots?

Getting involved in cryptocurrency has become a bit more convenient over the past few years. Buying one’s first Bitcoin – or a piece of one – is primarily a mental barrier. When it comes to actively trading Bitcoin, however, the need for guidance has never been greater. This is where […]


Top 6 Bitcoin Trading Bots for 2018

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, a lot of users prefer an automated approach. Although there are a few trading platforms which offer built-in algorithmic trading, trading bots are also very popular. It is interesting to see how the landscape has evolved in this regard. The following bots are ranked […]