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What Is the Level01 Exchange?

Another day, another cryptocurrency exchange. So, what makes Level01 any different from the rest? In a sea of competition from established centralized exchanges and rapidly appearing decentralized ones, what value prop does Level01 offer and how does the technology hold up? I spoke to Jonathan Loi, CEO & Founder of […]

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Decentralized Exchanges’ ERC20 Trading Volumes Can Be Easily Manipulated

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have very high expectations for decentralized exchanges. DEXs embrace the decentralized aspect of cryptocurrencies and remove the need for custodians. Even so, these exchanges cannot solve all the world’s problems, as manipulation of trading and volume remains a pressing issue. Manipulating Decentralized Exchange Trading Volume A very […]

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What Is StellarX?

Trading platforms are precious commodities in the world of cryptocurrency and digital assets. StellarX is an upcoming platform which will leverage Stellar technology. Various other assets will be supported, which will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention. The StellarX Concept One of the main issues plaguing decentralized exchanges is that […]