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Market Analysis

SOLANA PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (January 2) – Sol Faces Rejection Again After A Bounce, Is It Time To Sell? 

Following latest breakout in Bitcoin’s price, some altcoins recovered well from their recent lows, with Solana rising by 5% today. It encountered resistance and quickly washed gain within a blink. Solana took a small break in bullish last week after witnessing a massive price explosion in the preceding weeks. This […]

Market Analysis

CRONOS PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (November 9) – Will CRO Scale Through This Tough Supply Zone After 80% Rally In A Month?

This week, Cronos’s price reached a crucial supply zone after rising consistently for a month. It has rejected that zone twice and is now deciding on where next to head. However, it remained bullish on a daily. After finding solid ground above the $0.05 level, CRO consolidated for two months […]

Market Analysis

LOOM NETWORK PRICE ANALYSIS & PREDICTION (October 13) – LOOM Defies The Odds, Pumps 53% In A Week Amid Latest Crackdown

Amid the latest market meltdown, LOOM showed strength and continued to gain traction by the day. More rally is likely to play if the buying volume increases. It is currently the market’s top gainer following a 30% surge in the last 24 hours.  So far, LOOM’s performance has been impressive […]


Top Ten (10) Metrics For Trading Cryptocurrency, Beyond Price Analysis

When trading cryptocurrencies, monitoring various metrics is crucial for making informed decisions. Social and fundamental indicators play a significant role in assessing the potential value and volatility of a cryptocurrency. Social metrics involve gauging community sentiment and engagement, which can influence price trends. Monitoring online forums, social media discussions, and […]