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Top 5 Privacy Tokens Below the $0.2 Price Mark to Watch in September 2022

Privacy Tokens, as the name implies, are cryptocurrencies engineered to ensure privacy, especially their user’s transaction details. They make it difficult to decipher a wallet’s address, preserving the user’s anonymity. Privacy tokens are part of a highly popular niche of cryptocurrencies, similar to Web3 coins, DeFi tokens, and Metaverse crypto […]


7 Lingering Bitcoin Misconceptions in 2018

Bitcoin is a form of money which sparks a lot of debate. There is also a fair bit of misinformation being distributed on the topic. Those misconceptions can give people a completely misleading impression of Bitcoin. Below are some particularly egregious falsehoods. 7. Bitcoin’s Transaction Volume Is Falling Depending on which […]

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What Is Swixer?

There is a growing need on the part of cryptocurrency enthusiasts to convert between various currencies on the fly. Coin mixers have proven to be rather popular in this regard over the years. Swixer aims to achieve a similar goal, although the team is mainly interested in showing the world […]