Top 6 Exchanges to Purchase XRP in 2018

Several cryptocurrencies and digital assets are in great demand during specific times of the year. In the case of Ripple’s XRP, the demand for this asset has picked up as of late. This is despite a recent setback over the past few days, which is only to be expected after a near 110% gain in a week. The following six exchanges are worth checking out when looking to buy XRP in the near future.

#6 OKEx

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In the world of cryptocurrency and digital asset purchases, it has become evident that OKEx is a force to be reckoned with. This popular altcoin exchange offers a fair few trading pairs and its XRP pairs have been booming as of late. OKEx users can trade XRP against USDT, BTC, and ETH, with Tether currently being the most popular offering of the lot. Although OKEx is not necessarily the most liquid XRP exchange, its trading volume across all pairs hovers near the $100m mark every single day.

#5 Bitfinex

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Once considered the world’s leading US-based exchange, Bitfinex is facing a lot of stiff competition from other platforms when it comes to exposing users to Ripple’s native XRP asset. Bitfinex’s main XRP trading pair is against the US Dollar, although they also offer BTC trading at this stage. Fiat currency gateways play a crucial role in the cryptocurrency world and Bitfinex provides exactly that.

#4 Bithumb

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South Korean exchanges have undeniably made their mark on the cryptocurrency industry for quite some time now. Bithumb is one of the industry leaders in this regard primarily because of its KRW trading pair. That is also the only market provided for XRP enthusiasts, although it generates sufficient volume to keep the platform well within the top five at this stage.

#3 Bitbank

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While this Japanese exchange does not generate a lot of buzz in the media, Bitbank is a very successful platform when it comes to XRP trading. Although it only provides JPY trading for this asset at this time, it is another crucial fiat currency gateway users need to be aware of at all times. Japan is a prominent market for all cryptocurrencies and XRP is no exception in this regard.

#2 Upbit

upbit logo transparent

Competition among South Korean exchanges is heating up ever since Upbit started hitting its stride. The South Korean exchange is very successful when it comes to trading XRP, as it pairs Ripple’s asset against the Korean Won, BTC, ETH, and USDT. The latter three pairs are not nearly as popular, but having four options is beneficial to exchange users.

#1 Binance

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Virtually every popular cryptocurrency can be bought, sold, and traded on Binance these days. XRP is no exception in this regard, as Binance provides USDT,BTC, ETH, and BNB trading pairs for Ripple’s native asset. All of these markets are contributing to the platform’s overall volume, albeit USDT is the most popular market of them all.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. Please do your own research before creating an account and sending a deposit into any of these exchanges. Some platforms may not be available in your area.

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