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What Is the 0x Portal?

The 0x protocol is designed to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading and tokenization. A fair few projects already make use of this technology, although it can be very difficult to find out about such projects. The 0x Portal has therefore been designed to highlight the various relayers which facilitate ERC20 token trading.

The 0x Portal Has Arrived

Facilitating ERC20 token trading in a frictionless manner is not all that straightforward. It is evident there are many ways of doing so, and new technologies have come to market to facilitate this process. The 0x protocol, for example, plays a big role. It allows anyone to become a relayer for ERC20 token trading, which opens up a lot of new business opportunities.

To bring some more positive attention to the relayers making all this possible, the 0x team has set up a dedicated portal. It is designed to overcome some major UX challenges associated with onboarding new users of decentralized applications. Despite major growth in the DApp industry, most users are still not too certain how to access these new features. Solving that problem will take a lot of time and effort, although this new portal might make good things happen.

The 0x Portal is a DApp itself, though a relatively straightforward one. It offers a lot of information on how relayers can benefit from the 0x protocol. Those relayers can gain more exposure in the hopes of attracting new users. There’s also an educational section to get consumers and investors more familiar with the concept of 0x relayers.

The 0x team is confident that the current number of relayers is only a fraction of what it will be in a year or two. With more and more ERC20 tokens coming to market, the demand for decentralized trading will only increase further. More relayers means more liquidity and exposure to mainstream consumers. For the cryptocurrency industry, it is a more than welcome development, especially after the rough first half of 2018.

Directly interfacing with the Ethereum blockchain is anything but straightforward for the average consumer. It requires a very different UX mindset, and the 0x Portal is designed to facilitate this process. Teaching users what they need to know and offering convenient tools to make the most of it will spur widespread adoption of 0x and its dozens of relayers.

Users need only complete three simple steps to gain access to all current and future 0x relayers. This is very different from dealing with centralized exchanges, which are far more cumbersome to use. Convenient and easy access to liquidity is always preferred, even though the relayers may not carry the kind of volume which most centralized exchanges bring to the table right now.


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