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Top 5 EOS Gambling dApps for August 2019

These are very interesting times for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. After multiple years of development, it is evident that the battle lines between different dApp ecosystems have been drawn. No one will deny the EOS-based apps are incredibly successful, as they still generate the highest overall seven-day volume in […]

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Wat is NEO+ONE?

All cryptocurrency ecosystems need to keep growing and evolving at all times. In the case of NEO, its infrastructure continues to improve. With the development of new Dapps, it is evident the momentum needs to be maintained. NEO+ONE may help to keep things trucking along, as this platform primarily focuses […]

NullTX Etherreum Collectibles

Top 5 Ethereum-based Collectible dApps

Keeping tabs on which Ethereum dApps prove to be the most popular has always been an interesting exercise. One has to differentiate between the volume generated and the number of users during a 24-hour period, as they usually skew the rankings a bit. The following collectibles dApps are currently getting […]

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What Are Dapp Scaling Frameworks, and How Will They Affect Blockchain Technology in the Near Future?

Decentralized apps, or dApps, operating on the blockchain face a singular problem: scalability. Take a look at Bitcoin 10 transactions per second (TPS) limit, compared to Visa’s 24,000 TPS. While a handful of high-quality projects and companies have partly surmounted this challenge with sidechaining and sharding, nonscalability has inhibited the […]

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What Is EthCrash?

A lot of initiatives exist on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Not all of these projects are necessarily worth taking into account, although some of them tend to generate quite a buzz. EthCrash, for example, is one of those projects which has a lot of people excited. Even so, it may […]

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What Is the Upfiring DApp?

Numerous projects are exploring the use of blockchain technology in regards to uploading and sharing data. Finding the right balance is rather difficult, and the competition will continue to heat up. Upfiring is one of the options worth looking into, as this dApp is slowly beginning to hit its stride. Upfiring […]

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What Is Hedera Hashgraph?

Achieving consensus using blockchain technology can be achieved in many ways. The Hedera Hashgraph project is taking a unique approach. Its mission is to establish trust between parties without having to know the other party. The platform has some interesting selling points which could introduce positive changes moving forward. The […]

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What Is the 0x Portal?

The 0x protocol is designed to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading and tokenization. A fair few projects already make use of this technology, although it can be very difficult to find out about such projects. The 0x Portal has therefore been designed to highlight the various relayers which facilitate ERC20 token trading. The […]