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Are Crypto Exchanges Becoming The Same Powerhouses The Crypto Industry Is Meant To Fight

Launched at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, bitcoin had a singular purpose then: to fight the centralized nature of the mainstream financial system and give the ultimate power back to the people. Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision has gradually been achieved, with cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that underpins them […]


Top 6 Decentralized Exchanges in 2018

Decentralized exchanges are slowly becoming more popular in the world of cryptocurrency. Generating sufficient liquidity remains one of the key challenges, even though some trading solutions seem to be faring a lot better than others. The following DEXs are ranked by their total number of transactions over the past seven […]

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What Are Decentralized Exchanges?

In the world of cryptocurrency, centralized exchanges are the current backbone of the industry. That situation will come to change at some point, as there is a growing focus on decentralized trading solutions. There are still some misconceptions over what this new breed of exchanges brings to the table. The […]