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Fintoism ThreeFold Internet Security

Interview with Kristof De Spiegeleer: The Current Internet Has Never Been Designed With Security In Mind

Kristof is a successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of the ThreeFold Foundation. He is building the next generation blockchain-based IT infrastructure. We discussed his journey building tech companies, problems with current IT systems, and what he believes is the future of modern technologies. Question 1.  Let’s get to meet you. […]

NullTX Internet Protocols

Internet Protocols: Past, Present, and Future

The year 1989 marks the birth of the World Wide Web. In the following year the first search engine, Archie was introduced. Search engines use different algorithms to determine what content is considered relevant for a particular search. They scan, assess and index content across the Internet. After Archie, several […]

NullTX BitPlus Bitcoin Mining

How to Keep Crypto Mining Operations Profitable

Known as digital gold, Bitcoin (BTC) is the most well-known cryptocurrency. Since the moment the Bitcoin network came into existence back in 2009, this crypto coin already had a value associated with it. But how are new coins generated? Bitcoin mining is the computational process that solves mathematical calculations to […]


Tachyon Protocol Overview: Attempting to Create a Decentralized Internet

Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized Internet protocol built on the V Systems blockchain. This protocol is designed so that to reconstruct TCP/IP stack by means of decentralized structure, end-to-end encryption, traffic concealing, multi-path routing, and multi-relaying scheme. This, in turn, will provide high data transfer efficiency, more reliable, stable and […]


Blockchain Is Good for Your Health

Healthcare is one of the world’s largest industries, making up between 10 and 20 percent of the GDP of most developed nations. Too little of this money is actually going to patients, however, due to the inefficiencies, errors, bureaucracy, and high administrative costs in the healthcare sector. We at Modex […]


Breaking News: FREEDOMX Our Now Fully Approved Charity in the USA and UK

Breaking News: An Award winning painter is donating his “Forbes” featured painting “HELLO” to the revolutionary FREEDOMX blockchain charity founded by Marco Robinson…to end homelessness. Vesa Kivinen @artforcypto has chosen Marco Robinson‘s FreedomX charity which has revolutionary technology to END HOMELESSNESS. Full details of this amazing hand painted AI painting […]