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HaasOnline Announces a Drag-And-Drop Visual Editor That Allows Crypto Algorithms to Be Created Without Coding

September 2019, Rotterdam, Netherlands – HaasOnline Software, the creators of advanced crypto trading products, has announced the release of a Visual Editor, which leverages their overhauled scripting language, HaasScript. Users can choose between the newly released drag-and-drop visual editor or use the updated text-based editor while developing complex scripts to […]

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Payment Processing in the Blockchain Era

Traditional payment processing has been around for centuries. At first, everything was written down on pieces of paper, then technology evolved and introduced digital ledgers. Later, the Internet came and brought forward another revolution, which made it possible to transfer money all over the world through your computer. The latest […]


iCoin International to Use Emerging Tech to Bring Credibility Back to Diamond Mining

With the emergence of the digital economy in full swing, disruptive technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) are being tapped to not only innovate but also to improve upon and upgrade existing operation standards across multiple industries and sectors.  Hardened Tech In many instances, these new technologies and solutions […]


Crypto Trading Made Easy with Gunbot, the Automated Trading Tool Supported Across 14 Major Exchanges

Crypto traders around the world are now taking advantage of the never-ending trading cycle of crypto buying and selling. Unlike traditional markets that sleep on weekends, crypto markets never sleep, with tens of thousands of traders across hundreds of exchanges awake and active trading.  With fast-moving price action and volatility […]