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The Other Side Of The Coin: How The Massive FUD Withdrawals From Exchanges Can Benefit The Crypto Space

The recent SEC lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, which resulted in a significant number of withdrawals from those platforms (Traders withdrew about $800m out of Binance after lawsuit), may have both short- and long-term effects on the cryptocurrency market. Here are some probable long-term effects for the […]

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Top 3 DEX Aggregator Algorithms

Decentralized exchanges are becoming more popular due to inherent benefits over centralized platforms. Due to the number of DEXs on the market, a new type of service has been born called Decentralized Exchange Aggregators. DEX Aggregators are blockchain-based services that provide traders with real-time data regarding the best price to […]


Top 8 Decentralized Exchanges in 2019

In the cryptocurrency world, there are many different ways to obtain and trade cryptocurrencies. As more time progresses, there is a growing focus on decentralized exchanges and trading platforms. It would appear the following companies are making a meaningful impact in this regard. Despite the growing popularity, users are still […]


Top 6 EOS DApps of August 2018

The entire blockchain industry is abuzz with distributed applications. Various networks are competing for traction when it comes to dApps, with EOS slowly making a name for itself as of right now. The following dApps are sorted by their current popularity, although these rankings are bound to shift sooner or later. […]

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What Are Decentralized Exchanges?

In the world of cryptocurrency, centralized exchanges are the current backbone of the industry. That situation will come to change at some point, as there is a growing focus on decentralized trading solutions. There are still some misconceptions over what this new breed of exchanges brings to the table. The […]