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Newly Developed Eye Drops Could Eliminate Need for Eyeglasses by Repairing Corneas

Nanodrops, a patented eye drop solution designed and created by ophthalmologists at Shaare Zedek Medical Center and Bar-Ilan University, may be able to repair human corneas, eliminating the necessity of eyeglasses and curing a variety of common eye-related vision conditions such as shortsightedness and farsightedness. Repairing Corneas with Drops The […]

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What Are IDEX Gems?

Even during extended downtrends – such as much of 2018 – savvy traders continue to utilize unique methods to make profits. If you’ve spent much time on Twitter and other mediums where traders often communicate, you’ve probably heard about IDEX gems.  The term “IDEX gem” refers to a cryptocurrency that […]


#MetaHash – A Self-Sustaining Network Capable of Processing 5 Billion Transactions per Day

At this moment in time, the cryptocurrency industry is dealing with a few issues, including partial centralization, slow transaction speeds and high fees. #MetaHash represents a blockchain-based digital asset exchange network, alongside a decentralized real-time application platform that aims to solve these problems. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The […]