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What is Dash?

There are numerous cryptocurrency projects worth keeping an eye on. For novice users, this can lead to an overwhelming amount of information waiting to be processed. In this overview, the Dash project is explained as simplistic as possible. This project has a lot of potential, especially for those who value […]

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What Is NulleX?

There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies focusing on privacy. NulleX aims to differentiate itself in this market through a zero-trace privacy ecosystem. The currency is powered by the Null protocol, which is designed to offer users the privacy that they look for and deserve. Another competitor has emerged to challenge […]

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What Is Wasabi Wallet?

Bitcoin wallets come in many shapes and sizes. Most of these creations offer something different, even though they all seem to lack privacy features. Wasabi Wallet may solve that problem once and for all when the project launches on August 1st. The Wasabi Wallet Concept When it comes to Bitcoin […]

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What Is Oasis Labs?

A lot of new blockchain projects come to market every single week. Keeping tabs on everything is nearly impossible, even though it is important to keep an open mind at all times. Oasis Labs is a new team focusing on privacy-preserving smart contracts, among other things. The Purpose of Oasis […]

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What Are Secret Contracts?

Innovation is not hard to come by in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Smart contracts are of keen interest to developers all over the world. In the case of the Enigma project, there is a feature known as secret contracts. Adding privacy features to smart contracts makes sense on […]