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What Is Nimbus?

Getting people from all over the world excited about specific cryptocurrencies has been an ongoing struggle. The overall interest in Bitcoin remains low, and Ethereum doesn’t fare much better. Status aims to make a big impact in this regard, and its new Nimbus client may help it achieve that goal […]

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Crypto Price Watch: Week in Review

Bitcoin (BTC) The father of crypto is currently trading for roughly $8,170. The currency has managed to stay above $8,000 all week, though we’ve witnessed marginal rises and drops between $8,000 and $8,300. Recently, the Winklevoss Twins’ application for a bitcoin ETF was rejected. The SEC has been relatively mixed […]

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What Is FOMO3D?

Even though the cryptocurrency world allows for a lot of innovation, its underpinning technology is often used for the oddest ventures. In the case of FOMO3D, it is a very interesting game, although it’s also clearly a “legitimate” pyramid scheme which will cause at least one individual to lose a […]

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What Is Ninja Cash?

Cryptocurrency users have shown an increasing interest in peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges. A lot of platforms exist in this market, but there is always room for additional competition. Ninja Cash aims to make its mark in this area, although it remains to be seen how successful its mobile-only approach will be. […]

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What Is Star Cards?

A lot of companies are exploring blockchain technology in the context of trading card games. Not all of these projects will be successful, although Star Cards is doing things a bit differently. Rather than creating something new out of thin air, the company is issuing unique celebrity collectibles. The Idea […]