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Why You Might Consider Leaving Your Funds In Stablecoins At This Moment In The Crypto Market

It is fair that many investors are anxious about the security of their money during this period of turbulence and uncertainty in the cryptoƴ market. Uncertainty has surely increased as a result of recent investigations and lawsuits brought against significant cryptocurrency exchanges like BinanceUS and Coinbase by regulatory organizations like […]

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How Megafanstore Is Revolutionizing The Sports World through Stablecoins

Megafanstore is an online business that sells fan and sports articles. The company explores with the Great Branding Company, the UEFA merchandise license partner the potential of offering UEFA products, co-branded products, and other merchandising club products in the Chinese marketplace. Additional offering unique possibilities with 3D avatars for fans, […]


Is Your Stablecoin Being Disrupted Too?

For over a decade now, cryptocurrencies have been disrupting legacy finance. Jump started with Bitcoin, crypto markets exploded with CoinMarketCap currently showing 2136 cryptocurrencies. Growth in the number of coins has been fueled by market segmentation with projects catering to specific target audiences. Stablecoins, counting at around 50, seek to […]

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What is Kowala?

Kowala is a project designed to let companies and consumers mint their own stablecoin using blockchain technology. Its dual-token blockchain prioritizes speed and security, which will make it of great value to the right parties. The Kowala Vision Introducing even more stablecoins is a rather controversial topic. The cryptocurrency industry […]