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Genbit may Become the BitConnect of Brazil

The BitConnect Ponzi Scheme has made quite an impact on the cryptocurrency space. It now appears that a somewhat similar project has popped up in Brazil. Known as Genbit, the company faces some serious allegations. The Brazilian BitConnect has Arrived The company was initially known as Zero10 before being shut […]


Top 6 Cryptocurrency Exit Scams

Every time money is involved in any business model or project, there is a good chance an exit scam will occur sooner or later. In the cryptocurrency industry, such exit scams are a lot more common than one might think. The following examples show how one should never trust another […]

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What Is ICOSim?

Initial coin offerings have begun to play an integral role in the world of finance. Especially in the cryptocurrency industry, this business model continues to thrive. ICOSim is a bit of a different creature in this regard, as it is an interesting concept which showcases how easy or challenging launching […]