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What Is 21e8?

If you’ve spent much time on crypto Twitter within the past couple of days, you may have seen some discussion and even hysteria regarding a recently-mined block. Block #528249’s six leading characters were “21e800”, a phrase that has grabbed the attention of conspiracists and curious individuals throughout the cryptocurrency space. […]


In-depth overview of outstanding blockchains in Silicon Valley: How to define the standards of the next generation of public chain?

Recently, the community discussions focus on the blockchain era 3.0 and even the era 4.0. The debate between the Vitalik Buterin and the Bytemaster, leading figures of ETH and EOS respectively, helps more people to understand how significant the underlying technology is for the blockchain development. With the rapid rise […]


Top 4 Blockchain Interoperability Projects

One of the many factors holding global blockchain adoption back is that these chains cannot communicate with one another. Instead, every blockchain is seemingly doing its own thing at any given moment. Thankfully, there are a few projects which try to bridge the gap between the various blockchains. 4. Polkadot Although […]


What Is Blockchain 3.0?

Most of us have heard of Web 3.0, whether we’ve come across a decent explanation of it or not. The first wave of the internet (Web 1.0) was basically a one-way flow of information. We could log on, read stuff, maybe send an email. But there was no real interaction, […]

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Blockchain Can Turn the Finance Industry Upside Down: Germany’s Finance Chief

Felix Hufeld, chief of the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), the government’s main financial agency, stated in a speech at a conference held in Berlin that blockchain technology has the potential to turn the traditional finance industry upside down. Optimistic Long-Term Vision Despite the recent correction of the cryptocurrency market […]

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Top 4 Blockchain Educational Opportunities

For new and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike, the world of blockchain represents an entirely new framework. The numerous applications and goals of blockchain technology, while impressive and potentially revolutionary, can also be quite daunting. Fortunately, there are a number of educational opportunities to both aid newcomers in getting their footing […]

NullTX Verasity
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What Is Verasity Cryptocurrency?

There is an interesting future ahead for the video content creation industry. This is especially true when it comes to blockchain technology and its potential impact in this area. Verasity is intent on bringing together the best of both worlds, although doing so will prove incredibly challenging. Verasity in a […]

NulLTX Pepper Blockchain
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What Is Pepper Cryptocurrency?

There is a bright future ahead for any project combining a blockchain with rewards in a meaningful manner. Whether or not any venture will actually succeed in doing so, however, remains to be seen. Pepper aims to make its mark in this area, although it’s doing so in a slightly different manner. […]