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Top 6 Decentralized Exchanges in 2018

Decentralized exchanges are slowly becoming more popular in the world of cryptocurrency. Generating sufficient liquidity remains one of the key challenges, even though some trading solutions seem to be faring a lot better than others. The following DEXs are ranked by their total number of transactions over the past seven […]

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Decentralized Exchanges’ ERC20 Trading Volumes Can Be Easily Manipulated

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have very high expectations for decentralized exchanges. DEXs embrace the decentralized aspect of cryptocurrencies and remove the need for custodians. Even so, these exchanges cannot solve all the world’s problems, as manipulation of trading and volume remains a pressing issue. Manipulating Decentralized Exchange Trading Volume A very […]

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What Is Nuo Lend?

The lending industry can benefit from cryptocurrencies in multiple ways. It taps a whole new liquidity pool, and its global nature makes lending and borrowing easier for all parties involved. Nuo Lend is trying to make an impact in this regard. Lending and borrowing Ether backed by ERC20 tokens is […]

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What Are IDEX Gems?

Even during extended downtrends – such as much of 2018 – savvy traders continue to utilize unique methods to make profits. If you’ve spent much time on Twitter and other mediums where traders often communicate, you’ve probably heard about IDEX gems.¬† The term “IDEX gem” refers to a cryptocurrency that […]