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What Is DAEX?

There are many different use cases for blockchain technology. Some of these ventures will aid the cryptocurrency industry, whereas others will serve a completely different purpose. DAEX aims to become a decentralized clearing and settlement system which benefits exchanges and traders alike. The DAEX Vision Improving the overall speed of […]

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Top 8 NEO DApps With Massive Potential

Distributed applications play an integral role in the evolution of blockchain ecosystems. NEO, often referred to as a competitor to Ethereum, has its own growing collection of dApps which are in various stages of development. The following 8 dApps are worth keeping an eye on, as they offer a lot […]


3 Brand New Multi-Blockchain Swapping Tools

Cryptocurrency has come a long way in 2018, but the marketplace is still full of limitations. Although many decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have made a name for themselves, crypto hobbyists are still flocking to centralized (CEX) platforms.  With that said, most professional traders endorse decentralized exchanges because they adhere to the […]