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5 Unique Ways to Buy Gift Cards With Bitcoin

Spending Bitcoin directly on e-commerce platforms has proven to be an interesting challenge. Until things improve, buying gift cards with cryptocurrencies will remain a more than viable alternative. The following platforms allow users to do so. These companies are listed in alphabetical order. 5. CoinCards For residents of Canada, CoinCards […]

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Bitcoin Price Watch: Bitcoin Remains Stagnant, Stubbornly Refuses to Move

At press time, everybody’s favorite cryptocurrency remains unchanged from yesterday’s price. It was trading for $6,400 and remains at this figure. Earlier this morning, the currency did brush shoulder with $6,300, though quickly recovered within an hour. It also briefly surpassed the $6,500 mark, then quickly retracted. Analysts claim that […]

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What Are Bitcoin Trading Bots?

Getting involved in cryptocurrency has become a bit more convenient over the past few years. Buying one’s first Bitcoin – or a piece of one – is primarily a mental barrier. When it comes to actively trading Bitcoin, however, the need for guidance has never been greater. This is where […]