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What Is VeChainThor?

Most cryptocurrency users have come across the VeChain project. It is an interesting blockchain venture which could introduce a lot of positive changes. There is a related blockchain known as VeChainThor, which is currently undergoing public testing. The VeChainThor Project On the surface, it seems VeChainThor will try to boost […]

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Farewell GDAX, Hello Coinbase Pro

It has been coming for some time now, but GDAX is finally rebranding to Coinbase Pro. Although the functionality will remain largely the same, this new platform will potentially attract more users. It is an important development for Coinbase as a company. So far, some users are reporting major site […]

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What Is Zippie Cryptocurrency?

  Humanity’s march has been characterized by innovation. The groundbreaking wheel was developed to create chariots for wars and pottery for homes. In the modern world, innovation in creating the smartphone and blockchain has driven our digital age. The logical evolution would be to merge these two technologies. This is […]

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What Is MakerDAO? An Interview with Rune Christensen

MakerDAO is a stability platform comprised of a stablecoin, a governance coin, and a decentralized governance model. Stablecoins are a potential solution to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, allowing for wider adoption. In this interview, Rune Christensen, Founder of MakerDAO, explains how this project attempts stabilization, exploring topics including security audits, […]