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What is Interstellar?

Stellar’s implementation of blockchain has attracted a lot of attention from financial institutions and service providers. Interstellar is a new venture based on this technology. It is the offspring of the acquisition of Chain by Lightyear. The Interstellar Concept Unlike what some people may think at first, this new project has nothing […]

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The White Company to Bring Stablecoins to Stellar

Last month, The White Company and FinTech Ltd. announced a partnership to bring White Company’s stablecoins to FinTech’s Interstellar decentralized exchange. The USD-backed White Standard Stablecoin (WSD) has already been integrated into the dex, and stablecoins pegged to the British Pound and Euro are being incorporated now. More Stablecoins Are […]

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NEO vs EOS vs TRON vs Stellar

The cryptocurrency community is buzzing with high expectations surrounding various blockchain projects. A lot of new concepts have come to fruition which are capable of competing with Ethereum. This article will discuss three such rivals, with the fourth being the dark horse in the race. NEO, TRON, EOS, and Stellar […]

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What Is TEMPO Money Transfer?

There is a bright future ahead for digital assets in the world of global remittances. TEMPO Money Transfer is one of the platforms tapping Stellar and its native XLM asset to achieve this goal. Its integration with Stellar allows for cheaper and faster money transfers on a global scale. The […]